2014 Friends of the Everglades bus tour

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Friends of the Everglades (everglades.org) is offering a day long Everglades adventure on Saturday, March 8th (cost, $50 per person for a guided tour of what experts call the most comprehensive ecosystem restoration project in the world). 

 The Friends of the Everglades trip, by comfortable tour bus, will take a route from Miami towards Lake Okeechobee and then loop back down the western side of Palm Beach and Broward county, stopping along the way for an airboat ride, box lunch, a tour of an Everglades water conservation area as well as one of the treatment marshes designed to cleanse water before it’s released south. The trip will be guided by Everglades naturalist Dr. Tom Lodge with a presentation from an expert from the South Florida Water Management District. As well as being educational, this trip will also be entertaining for all ages. We hope to see plenty of wildlife returning to the re-hydrated Everglades! 

 Restoration of the Everglades starts with the flow of fresh water. Historically, water flow in South Florida was characterized by a wide sheet of freshwater stretching across the peninsula and flowing slowly through the Everglades and into Biscayne Bay. With the development of South Florida that historical water flow has been diverted through a highly engineered system of channels and waterways. The sugar industry, based in the Everglades Agricultural Area just south of Lake Okeechobee, contributes a huge influx of nutrients to water flowing south. 

 The challenges to Everglades restoration are to restore historical water flow and improve water quality, ensuring that enough clean, fresh water is flowing into the Everglades at the right time of year. Come see the opportunities and challenges, for yourself!

 We’ll depart from Coral Gables at 8:15 AM sharp and return by 5 PM. Space is limited so please contact us ASAP if you’re interested in attending and gaining a first hand understanding of the challenges and progress of Everglades restoration! 

When: Saturday, March 8th from 8:15am to 5pm

Where: Bus will leave and return from 534 Menendez Ave, Coral Gables FL 33146

Contact by email: Friends@everglades.org

Contact by phone: Philip Kushlan (786) 423-2820

Pay via Paypal by clicking the link below or bring a check the day of the event:

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