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Friends & Allies,
On Thursday, March 7th the House State Affairs Committee will review PCB SAC 13-01 which insulates the farmers in the Everglades Agricultural Area from having to do a better job in cleaning the water leaving their farms and sticks taxpayers with the cleanup costs! Call & email Committee members listed below today & ask them to reject PCB SAC 13-01 which is bad for America’s Everglades & Florida taxpayers. 
Why is this PCB Bad?
1)  Over 7.5 million Floridians rely on the Everglades for their clean drinking water.  This bill doesn’t require the farmers to do a better job in cleaning up their pollution.
2)  It insulates the farmers in the Everglades Agricultural Area from having to do a better job in cleaning the water leaving their farms.  It does this because it states that the BMPs are EFFECTIVELY reducing their pollution.
3)  The PCB sticks to the general taxpayer the cost for cleaning up the pollution from the farmers since the farmers are not required to pay more to help clean up their pollution.
Tallahassee office Phone #
District Office Phone Number
Email Address
Crisafulli, Steve [R]
Grant, James W. “J.W.” [R]
Vice Chair
Rouson, Darryl Ervin [D]
Democratic Ranking Member
Albritton, Ben [R]
(863) 534-0073
Boyd, Jim [R]
(941) 708-4968
Brodeur, Jason T. [R]
(407) 302-4800
Caldwell, Matthew H. “Matt” [R]
(239) 694-0161
Combee, Neil [R]
(863) 968-5666
Eagle, Dane [R]
(239) 772-1291
Fasano, Mike [R]
(727) 848-5885
La Rosa, Mike [R]
(407) 891-2555
Raburn, Jake [R]
(813) 653-7097
Rangel, Ricardo [D]
(407) 518-0043
Stewart, Linda [D]
(407) 893-3141
Taylor, Dwayne L. [D]
(386) 239-6202
Waldman, James W. “Jim” [D]
(954) 956-5600
Watson, Jr., Clovis [D]
(352) 264-4001
Workman, Ritch [R]
(321) 757-7019
History: The Everglades Forever Act was originally enacted in 1994 and codified the settlement agreement entered into between the federal government and the state of Florida.  Among its many provisions it required the construction of six stormwater treatment areas (STAs) with contributions from farmers, the general tax payers within the district, the federal government and the state .
The EFA was amended in 2003 because it was recognized that the 1994 projects were not enough to clean the Everglades.  The Long-Term Plan was adopted which required more STAs and more best management practices (BMPS) from farmers.  This fall, the state and federal government agreed upon another set of projects to ensure the water going into the Everglades is clean and healthy.   This plan is expected to cost $880 M.  The farmers are only paying about $11 M annually to clean up their pollution.  That’s the same amount that they have paid since 1994.  While the cost of projects has increased, their relative contribution has declined.
For additional information – please contact Yvonne Gsteiger @ ygsteiger@evergladesfoundation.org
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