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THEN: 1981 Friends of the Everglades Newsletter
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The mission of Friends of the Everglades is the same as when Marjory Stoneman Douglas founded our organization over forty years ago. We have been very fortunate during this time with qualified leaders who take for a guiding principle the uncompromising views that Marjory held throughout her long and distinguished life. We continue to educate on the essential features of a thriving Everglades, even though so much damage has occurred in the fabled River of Grass. We continue to pick our legal battles, like in the courtroom of Judge Alan S. Gold where we are making a significant contribution as a lead plaintiff in extracting nearly $1 billion for the Everglades. Other battles don’t receive as much press and publicity. Some battles we would like to fight but lack the financial resources. We believe, for example, that the contamination of the Everglades by the dangerous form of mercury can be stopped and should be stopped, not just for the sake of the Everglades but every Floridian who cares about toxics and public health. We want to take on that battle against special interests, because your government won’t. Our opponents remain, as they were during Marjory Stoneman Douglas’ life, big polluters who control the Florida legislature. Our opponents remain Florida legislators who have avoided their obligations to protect public health, welfare and safety. How can you help? The easiest way is to join Friends of the Everglades, to help us spread the word, and to contribute so we will have the financial resources to take on the big and important battles of our time as we have in the past. Please help us today.

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