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“SAVE EVERGLADES” Radio version now available for download on itunes…. People worldwide relate to this EMF. It is good to see. I believe it is because humans, regardless of our differences, love land and nature. Marsh Lands are all over the world; they teach us the ebb and flow of life. The human heart cannot help but feel a deep connection. And then the “purrrr” of the Panther immediately puts the listener in touch with the Natural World both inside and outside themselves. This is the power of sound…. KF 5/11

The Florida Everglades is a land endangered that needs protection and preservation. Its ecosystem is like no other in the world. It’s earth is limestone and it “breathes” water in and out on the surface and underground. BP’s Oil Disaster has challenged all life in this region. We, as humans, are put on High Alert to care for Marsh Lands worldwide. They sift through the toxins while naturally cleaning and clearing the water we drink and the air we breathe.

EMF History: The KEY MARCO CAT ca., 500-800 A.D. (courtesy photograph: The Smithsonian Institution) is a 6″ carved, wooden figure depicting a half-human/half-panther icon noted to be of the Calusa Tribe. It was found in Key Marco, Florida by Frank Hamilton Cushing (archeologist) in 1895.

Symbology: The PANTHER/COUGAR symbolizes Courage of the Heart, and Strength of Leadership. The “purrr” of large cats is within the same frequency band as our human bone.
TURTLE, (or more specifically the SEA TURTLE) is thought to be symbolic of Mother Earth to the Native American Nations of Turtle Island (North America).

Special Note: Marjory Stoneman Douglas has had many titles… The Grande Dame of the Everglades is one title that noted her as a woman of great dignity, which she was. Ms. Douglas was a powerful and amazing woman. (Please see her organization, Friends of the Everglades, President: Constance Washburn; for more of her history.) In my EMF, I called her, The Grand Mother of the Everglades, rather than the more popular, Guardian of the Everglades. She is both. To be more clear, Ms. Douglas did not have children, and to call her the Grand Mother (two words – not one) of the Florida Everglades is to honor “the glades” as her child, and her as the grand, and great mother of the land.

EMF History: From its inception in 1989, Environmental Music Films (EMF) has had a mission. That mission is to create high quality music and film to honor endangered land, its species of life, and the indigenous peoples of the land that have cared for it for centuries (if not longer). Our environmental groups and Environmental Law would do well to merge with the wisdom of the Native Elders and their teachings about this Living Conscious Earth and the inter-connectiveness of all life. By both coming together in a unity of love for the land – we would all benefit. “Bring the sacred back to land, sky, and life.” KF

History of the song, “Save Everglades” Copyright 1989.
If I were to write this song today, I would call it, “Protect Everglades” for no one can really “save” another unless “they” want to be saved. We are not meant to know another’s evolutionary path, (and this includes the Earth). If we do intervene, or intercept, let us do so with the knowing that larger forces are at work. Things are not always as they seem. KF

These thoughts and opinions shared from EMF do not necessarily express the thoughts/opinions of individuals, organizations, or associations, etc, involved with any EMF project. There will be an Environmental Music Film (EMF) website soon.

RESPONSIBILITY (the ability to respond)
It is so important for us not to loose our hearts and minds over the many cultural and environmental crisis that are happening at home and around the world. If we do, we can make matters worse… The science of Quantum Mechanics has shown us that where we put our conscious focus forces follow and respond at sub-atomic levels and much larger. The emotional tone with which we imbue the focus (sadness, anger, joy, gratitude, etc.) creates and even perpetuates frequencies, (various degrees of high, or low vibration) that affect outcome. Responsibility (the ability to respond) is born in this knowingness.

SUGGESTION: The Global Coherence Initiative research program (a branch of the HearthMath organization) has definitive methods of showing us, and teaching us the power and responsibility of our thoughts and emotions in times of crisis. Listen and learn from their experts, and give yourself – and the world – some peace.

Thank you for listening, viewing, and participating. KF

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