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(Miami Herald LTE, Jan 31, 2012) For 15 years Florida taxpayers have been carrying dirty water for the sugar billionaires. When Florida’s voters passed the Polluters Pay Amendment to Florida Constitution, the sugar industry was supposed to pay 100 percent of their pollution cleanup costs. In one of the most cynical abdications of governance in history, the Legislature has refused to implement Polluters Pay. In doing so, they have dumped billions in extra property taxes on the homeowners of South Florida and enabled Big Sugar to dump millions of tons of excess pollution on the Everglades.

So not only do the sugar billionaires get unearned taxpayer dollars through unnecessary federal import quotas and subsidies, but they get their pollution cleanup costs paid by the taxpayers of South Florida. Our legislators need to swear off their addiction to sugar campaign money and make them pay all their cleanup costs.

Albert Slap, Key Biscayne


On February 1, 2012, as a direct result of pressure from Friends’ legal action to control sugarcane pollution of the Everglades, Governor Rick Scott wrote a personal letter to President Obama (SEE LINK) stating that he is “committed to moving forward on meaningful projects” for the cleanup of the Everglades. Governor Scott told President Obama that he wants to work with the federal government on an alternate to EPA’s cleanu plan. Friends is skeptical that the State plan will be adequate to cleanse the polluted run-off from sugarcane production and that the State legislature will provide adequate funds. CALL OR WRITE GOVERNOR SCOTT AND TELL HIM THAT YOU SUPPORT HIS EFFORTS TO STOP SUGARCANE POLLUTION BEFORE IT GETS TO THE EVERGLADES. AND, TELL GOVERNOR SCOTT THAT YOU WANT SUGARCANE GROWERS TO PAY 100% OF THEIR POLLUTION CLEANUP COSTS – NOT THE TAXPAYERS OF SOUTH FLORIDA!

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