Take Action: Write EPA to Fortify Clean Water in Florida

EPA will be ruling on “Florida’s Proposed Revisions to Classification of Surface Waters” in next 2 weeks!

The State of Florida cannot be trusted to protect Florida’s waters.

Governor Rick Scott and the legislature have decided to create a new “use” or water quality goal/expectation in waterbodies that are “altered” or “artificial” – including natural unchannelized rivers or streams with control structures! This would:

  • Make currently verified impaired waterbodies compliant again simply by lowering water quality standards.
  • Since new Florida standards applies to inland “altered” waterways, lower standards will apply upstream, passing costs and responsibility from private sector (through lessened pollution source control requirements) to public sector and from inland areas to coastal areas where swimmable/fishable standards will still apply.
  • Allow multiple water quality standards for various types of pollution to be lowered (not just for nutrients), even where a waterbody has historically met those standands!
  • Further inhibit Everglades Restoration efforts, by allowing increased pollution loading from upstream areas.

EPA needs to take a tough stand on Florida. But there are plenty of big money interests pushing hard to keep EPA on the sidelines while Florida’s waters continue to decline. Please write a letter now to EPA Regional Administrator Gwen Fleming.

Urge EPA to reject this rule for inconsistency with the Clean Water Act. We need a strong federal response to help Floridians because Florida won’t lift a finger to clean our dirty waters.

Write to:

Ms. Gwendolyn Keyes Fleming, Regional Administrator
US EPA, Region 4
Sam Nunn Atlanta Federal Center
61 Forsyth Street, SW
Atlanta, GA 30303
(404) 562-8357

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