Judge halts plans for Glades reservoir, supports new remedy

Friends is currently a plaintiff in an important water quality case before Miami federal district judge, Alan Gold. A parallel case is progressing in the Miami federal courtroom of Judge Federico Moreno.

Friends has been granted observer status to the Technical Advisory Committee in the Moreno case. Both of these cases are trying to stop the pollution of the Everglades by phosphorus discharges from industrial sugar farms in the Everglades Agricultural Area.

Recently, Judge Moreno ruled that a partially-constructed, deep reservoir should be converted to a shallow-water reservoir and expanded pollution treatment marsh. Friends supported the environmental interests in the Moreno case who argued for these new approaches. This same type of remedy was previously developed in the Gold case, by the federal EPA, after Friends’ motion for contempt against the EPA and Florida DEP (due to their inaction in regards to Everglades restoration).

If you have any questions or comments on any of Friends’ legal cases, please contact: Albert J. Slap, General Counsel, Friends of the Everglades at albertslap@slaplaw.com

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