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From Eye on Miami - "Senator Joe Negron and the last, best chance for taxpayers and voters to escape the mismanagement of Florida's waters"
Jan 13, 2017
The big controversy in the Florida legislature this session is Senate president Joe Negron's effort to fund the acquisition of 60,000 acres of land now in sugarcane production. Although a bill has not been publicly released, there is speculation whether his plan will be approved by the Florida legislature and...

Check out Zoo Miami’s new “Mission Everglades” exhibit!
Jan 03, 2017
This month Zoo Miami opened a new exhibit where you can see the different habitats and animals found in the Florida Everglades up close and personal!    

Check out Alan Farago's "Eye on Miami" piece on supporting Bullsugar's Now or Neverglades campaign in 2017!
Aug 08, 2016
Bullsugar and The Now or NeverGlades Xmas Message ... by gimleteye Here's an organization that I strongly endorse and hope you will, too: The best Everglades news in 2016 was the emergence of a civic organization, Bullsugar, dedicated to stopping and reversing the mismanagement of water resources in South...

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The fish swimming in our Everglades are poisoned with toxic mercury. The only way to fix this is to regulate runoff from the Everglades Agricultural Area.
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FPL's Turkey Point nuclear power plant is cooled by outdated technology that has been polluting our waters.
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Buy the land and send the water south!
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